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NuWave PIC Gold & Stainless Steel Grill Pan
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Product Description
NuWave PIC Gold
The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Gold (PIC Gold) offers precise temperature control with the simple press of a button. With an expansive temperature range, adjustable in 10-degree increments, the PIC Gold can cook as low as 100°F and as high as 575°F. The portable 1500-watt PIC Gold features 100 hours of memory that allows you to program your favorite cooking procedures, as well as a Delay function that allows you to initiate cooking when it's most convenient for you. Additionally, the PIC Gold boasts a delayed shutoff feature for added convenience and an expanded 8-inch induction heating area for added cooking versatility. This versatile machine works with any induction-ready cookware.

Stainless Steel Grill Pan
Made from premium grade stainless steel with Duralon® Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Coating, the NuWave Ceramic BBQ Grill Pan is the perfect tool for grilling your favorite foods indoors. The pan features a ridged bottom, which allows you to achieve the same great grill marks you get on a gas or charcoal grill in the comfort of your kitchen. This versatile pan is perfect for use on the NuWave PIC, as well as electric and gas stoves. It’s even oven-safe. The BBQ Grill Pan even comes with its own domed lid, allowing you to cover your grilled creations for more cooking versatility. This versatile piece of cookware can be also used on traditional gas and electric stoves to cook your favorite healthy, delicious meals.
Product Detail
This Package Includes:
• NuWave PIC Gold
• NuWave Ceramic BBQ Grill Pan

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