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NuWave Oven Pro Plus & Supreme Pizza Kit & NuWave Oven Carrying Case
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Product Description
NuWave Oven Pro Plus
The NuWave Oven Pro Plus with its intuitive touch-and-go digital controls, can cook all of your favorite foods with the simple press of a button. The advanced digital temperature controls, which allow you to cook between 100°F and 350°F in 1° increments, and with Warm and Delay cooking functions, the NuWave Oven Pro Plus lets you cook up to 70% faster while using up to 75% less energy than a standard oven. With enough room to cook up to a 10-pound turkey, the NuWave Oven Pro Plus can bake, broil, barbecue, roast, grill, steam, sear, and air fry all in one convenient appliance. Plus, you can cook foods directly from frozen, so there’s no need to defrost or preheat.

Supreme Pizza Kit
The Supreme Pizza Kit is the perfect complement to the NuWave Oven, giving you everything you need to turn even a frozen pizza into a scrumptious, cheesy treat. This kit includes a Silicone Pizza Liner that can be used for more than just pizza. The Pizza Flipper works perfectly for safely turning pizzas, quesadillas and more. The Pizza Server has an easy-grip handle so you can slice and serve with ease. Finally, the eco-friendly Bamboo Cutting Board allows for easy slicing and dicing without damaging your countertop.

NuWave Oven Carrying Case
The water-resistant NuWave Oven Carrying Case allows you to take your Oven and accessories anywhere. But it is more than just a waterproof case, it is also great for transporting or storing your NuWave Oven in hotels, dorms rooms, family gatherings, your boat, RV, office lunchrooms or anywhere else you travel. The Carrying Case can even be used for home storage. The Carrying Case even has room for accessories. Accessories such as the Extender Ring Kit can even fit comfortably inside, along with the NuWave Oven, meaning you can take full advantage of everything your NuWave Oven has to offer, even on the road.
Product Detail
This Package Includes:
• NuWave Oven Pro Plus
• Silicone Pizza Liner
• Stainless Steel Pizza Flipper
• Stainless Steel Pizza Server
• Bamboo Cutting Board
• NuWave Carrying Case

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